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Want to sell us tech or want to know more?


Does your organization have old or excess network products? Upgrading your infrastructure? Sell or Trade in your excess network products to Reuse your IT!

The list

Send us your list of equipment that you have available for selling or trading in. Specify as much as you can. Fill in your details below and attach your list straight away and we will get in contact with you.

Testing and deleting

We guarantee you that all equipment is being tested and any existing configurations are deleted. We provide you with test results and reports upon request.

Cash out or Trade in?

We provide you with a final list after testing all devices and there after pay you as agreed after receiving an invoice from your company. We will also gladly help you out by providing other hard ware instead of money.

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Give us a call +31 85 007 40 12 direct email sales@reuseyourit.com